Sunday, February 27, 2011

PICTURES: Walker Park Community Garden

Today was a great day to get outside and help out with the Walker Park Community Garden. This Fayetteville Community Garden Coalition's brand new garden at the Fayetteville Senior Activity and Wellness Center on South College Ave.

I went today mainly to get some exercise, but also just to give them some much needed help with the labor. I remember how long it took Kyle and I to transport our one should have to do it alone. Our backyard is plenty big enough for us, so I didn't sign up for a plot. I did want to help though, because this is a perfect example of public-private partnership between the city and a non-profit. Many hands make light work!

Beginning: Due to poor soil, the garden will be in raised beds on top of this cardboard.

The crowd (free labor)

Mayor Jordan talking and turning the first shovel

Lots of high school students helped. Lot's of girl power. They could be a road construction crew, easily!

First layer was "top soil"...NWA top soil, meaning it was hardly better than the clay we were avoiding, but it helps to raise the beds.

Second layer was compost from the City of Fayetteville.

For walkways between the permanent beds, mulch from the City.

Strings outlined the beds. Cardboard, top soil, compost.

Shovels dug, wheel barrows transported, and rakes spread.

Mulched walkways finished off the project.

Though there was a lot of organizing work that went into the project ahead of time, two and a half hours was all it took to make this garden. 4 beds, 4' x 40'. Not sure how big the plots are, but if you want one you better jump on it!

(yes, I know my finger was in some of the pictures. I was trying to hold my shovel, plus my gloves, and sometimes my coffee....yes, I did more watching than work probably. I dug in whenever a spot wasn't occupied, but gave the high schoolers plenty of access to the task at hand.)


Liev said...

Wait a minute...they didn't dig the compost into the soil?

Casey Willits said...


I asked them that right before they started, but I kept my mouth shut after tha. I am not an "expert" and those volunteers have done a lot of work...most of it well thought out.

Perhaps they will be leaving that to individual plot gardeners. I mixed my city compost into the soil of most of my boxes, but a few of my new boxes just have 8 inches of compost as a kind of experiment.

The Fayetteville Community Garden Coalition said...

What a great day! It was absolutely fantastic to see everyone working together - noiw that's a community garden! Many thanks to all who helped make it possible - the food, tools, planning, everything was great. I was told at one point there were 70 people there.

Walker Park Community Garden said...

Great pictures! Thanks again for coming out. Mind if we use some on our site?

Casey Willits said...

Absolutely!!! Use them! No credits required....

I only want credit for my vegetables...if anyone dares to claim they grew what I grew, heads will roll!!!!!!!